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Our work

The Bakasso Foundation was established in 2019 in the Netherlands and is supporting the Bakasso Douma organization in Guinea. 

They are building hospital in a remote area nearby Boffa-Kolissohko in Western Guinea since 2014. It is a private initiative of José Schraauwers and her Guinean partner Fodé – after whose father the foundation is named. 

The Bakasso Foundation is focusing on health care and more specifically on child delivery of the women who face many struggles because of the lack of a pregnancy clinic and pregnancy checks.


Our reason

When the founder José visited the home village Mamia of her partner in Guinea for the first time and was confronted with thtotal lack of medical care and the high death rate around pregnancies and births she knew:

‘However long it takes, I’m going to help these people and give them access to a hospital with a maternity ward for their community. 

I will not stop until the biggest dream – a temporary shelter for women to recover from childbirth before returning to their village – has been realized.

Our mission

Our first and most important mission is to bring healthcare and maternity care in the district of Kolissohko by building a hospital near the village of Mamia. We believe that giving birth safely is a right that all women should have. Currently, the nearest functioning hospital is 50km away from the project.  In this area 3 out of 10 births are fatal. We want to fix this.

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Our Aim

We want to create a healthy, empowered, and self-reliant community in the remote areas of Guinea. We first aim to open an officially licensed clinic solely run by Guineans with access to research, medicines, and surgical and X-ray facilities for residents of about 200 surrounding villages

Our Values

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