“By participating in a good cause you can make a difference in the world today.”

Jose Schraauwers
Founder Stichting Bakasso

Giving is not just about money.

Do you have experience in on of these fields or would like to learn more skills in a real-world setting?
Our volunteers have had a major impact to take Bakasso where it is today.
Now, we are looking for volunteers who, with their enthusiasm and expertise, want to help Bakasso grow and turn our vision into reality.

Join our Bakasso family today:

As a volunteer, you decide on the level of commitment for us. 

Every hour can already make a difference for a good cause. 

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Send us your motivation today:

We are looking to integrating you into our Bakasso family! Please send a short letter with your motivation for the role that intrigues you most to Jose Schraauwers. 

From September 2021 until July 2022 six business students from Rotterdam volunteered for Bakasso as part of their I DO Project.

Bakasso’s Volunteer

‘’I have known the founder for many years, as we work for the same broadcasting company. I have followed her with great admiration and have contributed before. Then, I actually realized that I want and can do much more by thinking along and actually doing it. To think about how we can reach as many people as possible, that's great work. The phasing out of the hospital is already a big step in the right direction. But it's even better when all ideas come about next to the pregnancy checkups and maternity facilities. So also a school, more employment, support for small businesses, and so on. There is still a lot to do and I'm going to commit myself to that.’’
Marloes van Empelen


Why did you choose to volunteer for Bakasso with the I DO Project, Ryan?

Being part of I DO has given me valuable skills, important friendships, the chance to grow as a person and expand my knowledge on NGOs, but most importantly it has also shown me how a little effort can make a huge impact on other people’s lives.

I initially joined I DO to develop myself and my skills to broaden my career. After meeting with José, the founder of Bakasso, for the first time, I was impressed by her passion and dedication to the project. My team and I created a strategy to help Bakasso grow and finish the hospital’s development.

Throughout this process, it dawned on me that I was not doing this for my own personal growth, but rather for the people of Guinea who are less fortunate than me. It became clear to me that our efforts helped contribute to a bigger cause. The satisfaction and self-fulfillment I got from helping others have made me realize why I joined I DO.

Currently in charge of managing Bakasso‘s Social Media posts: Ryan Deng