“Giving is not just about making a donation.
It is about making a difference.”

Kathy Calvin
Former President of the United Nations Foundation

Healthy People
Create Healthy Communities

Join our mission and support us in one of three ways:

Monetary Donations


direct banktransfer >>Triodos: NL12TRIO0788914499 of Stichting Bakasso

Donations - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At the moment, the money you donated will be used to complete the:

– Hospital (including the four Nursery residences): €67.000
– Water supply including water storage: €6.000
– Solar panels: €15.000

For every euro donated, 90 cents will directly reach our projects in Guinea. Because our limited administrative costs, we have been able to maximize the impact of your donation!

Even with a small donation, you can help us realize our mission!

Yes, they are! The amount of your donation is 100% deductible from your taxes, since we are an ANBI-certified organization. Check out the exact advantage here: https://anbi.nl/calculator/ 

To be able to donate periodically with a fixed amount for 5 years and receive a tax return, you need to fill in an agreement. Download it, fill it in and return it to us. You will receive the countersigned version that you can use for the tax return. https://download.belastingdienst.nl/belastingdienst/docs/overeenkomst_period_gift_in_geld_ib0802z4fol.pdf


After you have donated to Stichting Bakasso, you will receive an e-mail that your donation has properly been received. This puts you at ease, while we make sure your donation is put to the best use!

If you want to donate for a special purpose, we will earmark the amount for that specific purpose. Let us know what your wishes are.

Yes, this is definitely possible!
You can donate to the following IBAN account of Triodos: NL12TRIO0788914499 in the name of STICHTING BAKASSO.
However, by doing this, we will not be able to keep you updated with all the progress that we are making! You can subscribe for the newsletter to receive updates

How easy it is to save a life with only 50€

A woman Aminata and her baby Maimouna were rescued by my husband during his time in Guinea. When the woman complained of agonizing abdominal pain, he urged her to see a doctor, gave her €50 to pay for this and arranged for someone to drive her to a hospital.
One day later, Aminata returned to the village. Despite the complicated and challenging delivery, Aminata and her baby Maimouna survived.

That is the life-changing impact that your €50 can have.

2. Volunteer For Bakasso

Join our team to create impact

Bakasso is still a smaller organisation. Therefore, we need volunteers to help us scale up the important impact we can create on the ground in Guinea. Check out if you fit the requirements and join our cause!

handover check SNA Delft on 23-05-2022

Support through crowdfunding

Would you like to set up a crowdfunding event, like a charity run, or collect money yourself?

Please get in touch with us and we’ll get in contact with you! We’re happy to help to make this happen! 

Start with following us on all our social media channels and share our content with your network.

Reach out to us to set up a campaign together. 

3. Material Giving and Supplies

Join Siemens, Stapler, and our other partners in making a direct impact on the ground!

Stöpler Material Donation

For the construction of our hospital, we need a lot of materials. Therefore, material and machine donations are also very much appreciated! Please contact us so we can get in direct contact with you!

Become a part of our partner network

With the help of Stöpler needed medical supplies
are ready to be shipped to the project

Through the kind donation of Siemens Healthineers Nederland, the hospital will soon be able to use this ultrasound machine

Help us achieve our mission

With your contribution, we are one step closer to providing Guineans access to healthcare and especially to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for Guinean women to give birth. Donate now and stay up-to-date with the latest progress in our journey!