Foundation Bakasso (Guinea)

"Working on a healthy
and self-reliant
futureproof communities”

Our Future Plans

The construction of our hospital is the first step toward improving livelihoods significantly.

Our vision also entails support four areas in the future since healthy people are needed to create healthy communities. 

1. A temporary resthouse
for pregnant women


The first days after childbirth are the most dangerous for the woman and a hygienic environment is crucial to avoid infections.

For that reason, our next step is to build a location for pregnant women to stay a few days before and after delivery. It gives them time to recover and undergo the final medical checks before returning with the newborns to their villages. In case of complications, the doctor and the hospital are nearby and, when necessary C-section can be performed.

Fatim met baby op rug

2. Healthy work & entrepreneurship

Many people surrounding the hospital are unemployed. The opening of the hospital will provide decent jobs and income.


For those who want to start a private initiative and don’t have the money to do so, there will be a micro-credit system to start a business. A micro-credit system appears to work quite well and hopefully, they will become so successful that they will be able to hire others.

P1070463 man takken hakken

3. Healthy education &

Children living in remote areas have to walk a long distance to get to their school. Sometimes even up to one-and-a-half hours.

The construction of a primary school for children on the site is safer and closer to their homes. A school for subject-oriented (medical) education shall give more people a good start for the future. Doing so will connect to the existing initiatives for health prevention and the education projects

4. Healthy food, water & environment


The patients in the hospital and the people from the villages should be able to rely on healthy homegrown food. There is a lot of land available around the project. There is as well plenty of space to grow all kinds of vegetables. The palm trees are already being harvested (see photo). The banana and fruit plantations have been planted. In addition, a number of cows, sheep, and chickens are walking around.

2 cows
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